Everything I put on my collage is something I feel passionate about the first thing I thought of putting was the Uncle Sam poster saying I WANT YOU for the Us military. I put this because I feel very strong and supportive of the US military as they help us preserve our freedom here. Like the Uncle Sam poster, right next to it I put a COD WW2 poster. I put this because I feel very passionate about WW2 and is probably my favorite subject to learn in all of school as it is so fascinating and interesting of the events that took place in the 40’s. I also like the franchise COD as I think it is a very fun trilogy of games that allows you to experience a story and a multiplayer that you can play with friends or people online. Another thing I put was a portrait of Ronald Reagan on a T.Rex. This was originally my project for Surrealism, but I loved both so much that I wanted to include it in my college as I feel like Ronald Reagan was one of the greats and was very patriotic of his country and the dinosaur represents the coolness of it. Right behind all of this, I included a man with a rifle which supports the 2nd amendment and has a tattoo of “We the People”. I also feel very passionate of our amendments we have in the U.S as they make us who we are in America.

On the top part of my collage, I have added to of my favorite shows which include Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. I feel like these shows are some of the best fiction/realism there is in show history as they both do good in telling story, creating character development, and action all in one. Although these are my top 2 favorite shows, I would have to say Breaking bad is my favorite and quite possibly the GREATEST SHOW OF ALL TIME. It does and gives off everything s person needs when watching a show like drama, action etc. on the top left t of my collage, I included two CTU operators that are from real CTU’s but are included in my favorite game, Rainbow Six Siege. They both are versatile and fast and are good at their job and get it done. I also love their backstory and where they come up from.

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