1. The size and detail are the key differences between RAW and JPEG.

2. RAW files are much larger than JPEG files, so they have a lot more details. When compared to JPEG, RAW is the larger file.
3. After placing RAW files on the computer, you may convert them to JPEG by opening the image in Photoshop and exporting the photo as a JPEG or another sort of file.

4. If I were photographing a major event, I would shoot in RAW mode to get as much things in the photo as possible, then convert the shot to a JPEG file afterwards because most applications only accept JPEG files. I’d also shoot in RAW because the file would be really large and would look great.

Travel Poster

Id love to travel to the Krusty Krab as i feel like they have really good food. I would also love to meet the characters of Sponge-bob which include Sponge-bob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs etc.

Surrealistic Collage

A Throw-back to 2000’s to 2010’s gamin, everything that was popular at the time in gaming and meme culture all put into one. this can bring back a lot of memories for people that played during these times.

100 most influential pictures of all time

 Earthrise, William Anders, NASA, 1968. I love this picture as it shows the progression us humans have gone through throughout our years. Its truly a picture with everyone in the world posing for the photo.
I am very interested about this picture because it shows the progression yet the destruction that us humans can make.
Leap Into Freedom, Peter Liebling, 1961 This photo speaks to me as it shows how bad post war Germany was and how it was split into two. east and west Germany were what separated and divided Germany that was controlled by the USSR in the east and the us and Britain in the west. this shows a soldier on post that lived in east Germany escaping to west Germany as east Germany was hell.

Masters of photography

I selected Ansel Adams because I admire his landscape photography. Ansel died on April 22nd, 1984, after being born on February 20th, 1902. His landscapes are primarily in black and white, but he also captured some fantastic photographs. He shot a photo in Yosemite that turned out extremely well, and many people enjoy it. He takes a lot of landscapes. Ansel Adams was recognized for his landscape photography because he captured some of the best. He loved to edit pictures and make them black and white, and I think some landscapes look better that way. In 1937, he shot two photographs that became renowned. The shot of him that I enjoy the best is named Snake River, and it looks great in the colors black and white, also think it looks better In person, it most likely looked great. El Capitan, the latest well-known film, was released in 1968. Ansel Adams was a master of landscape photography. He began photographing in 1927 and continued until his death at the age of 84.